Stara crkva u Blagaju

The Parish of Holy Trinity in Blagaj was founded by Bishop Paškal Buconjić in 1891.

The Parish was consisted of the following places: Blagaj, Dračevice, Gnojnice, Kočine, Bivolje Brdo, Bišina, Bojište, Buna,  Gubavica, Hodbina, Kamena, Kosor, Malo Polje, Nevesinje, Obalj, Obrnja, Rabina, Ulog, Vranjevići, Zaton, Žuberin, Ortiješ… Some of them became part of the newly established parishes, later on, or became new parishes, as Nevesinje did in 1899.

The first parish priest
in Blagaj was fr Venceslav Bašić (1891-1893).

The first baptized child was named Aleksandar Melkior Baltazar, born on 6th of January 1892, and was baptized on 17th of January 1892. he was son of Gašpar Prekka from Skadar and Anica maiden name Zelenika from Mostar. They were residing in Nevesinje. He was baptized by Karlo Szasz, military priest.

The Parish Church was built by
fr Ivan Božic in 1908 with its parishioners, and the parish house was built in 1911. Fr Ivan was fifth parish priest in Blagaj parish, and he was 14 years (1905-1919) on service there.

We can see in the parish register that in those 117 years of our parish existence, 4.862 children were baptized, 1.128 couples were married and 2.204 parishioners were buried.

We can also see in the parish register
in those 116 years 32 priests were serving in our parish as parish priests.

The Parish church in Blagaj
throughout its history endured three wars: First World War (1914-1918), Second World War (1941-1945) and the last one, Homeland War (1991-1995). It did not suffer major devastations until Homeland War, when outside and inside facades, roof, Alter area, attic, church-tower, windows, doors, Sacristy, floor, electric power installations and etc. were destroyed.

It was always very sacramental in the Church and very joyful in front of the church during the Holyday of Holy Trinity, the Parish patron. People were dancing famous “kolo”, singing “becarac and ganga”, toasting while having a snacks and cakes.

During the Homeland War everything became quiet because the church was devastated and the people had to leave their homes and villages. Since 1991 there was not regular service of Holy Mass but on the Holyday of Holy Trinity.
From 2000 on, regular services of Holy Masses stared to be held in the Pastoral Center of Bl. Alojzije Stepinac in Buna.


We can see from the Parish register book how, the number of the people who had been baptized, received confirmation, married or buried was developing, increasing or decreasing through the history.
We compared the data of the parish register with the copy placed in the Diocese and identified that the number of persons who received Confirmation in that copy in the Diocese is 2.548.


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